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Item Number: KSK-LPC1343
Manufacturer: IAR Systems
Manufacturer Part No: KSK-LPC1343

IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1343 contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications:

  • LPC1343 (Cortex-M3) evaluation board
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, 32K KickStart edition
  • IAR visualSTATE evaluation edition, 20-state limitation
  • IAR PowerPac for ARM, evaluation edition including RTOS, File System, USB Device, USB Host, TCP/IP and GUI (graphical library)
  • Example projects included
  • IAR PowerPac BSPs (Download here)
Included Hardware: LPC1343 (Cortex-M3) evaluation board
  • Mounted with LPC1343, ARM Cortex-M3
  • Debug through J-Link-OB, a debug interface mounted on the board
  • Standard JTAG connector (with SWD only) and small SWD connector
  • Power up the board through USB, J-Link (USB cable included) or external power adapter (not included)
  • USB connector
  • Small LCD
  • Two user buttons
  • Reset button
  • Two user LEDs
  • Power LED
  • Analog trim wheel
  • Buzzer
  • Prototyping area (approx 32 x 24 holes)
  • UART routed to DB9 connector
  • EXT connector
  • RoHS compliant
Schematics for download (PDF)

IAR J-Link on board for ARM is a small JTAG/SWD debug interface; it connects via USB to the PC host running Windows. IAR J-Link on board integrates seamlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and is fully plug-and-play compatible.

Included Software

IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM (evaluation version)

IAR Embedded Workbench is an Integrated Development Environment with a complete and easy-to-use set of C/C++ cross compiler and debugger tools for professional embedded applications.

  • KickStart edition with 32KB IAR C/C++ Compiler for ARM
  • Project manager
  • Editor
  • Linker and librarian tools
  • C-SPY® debugger
  • Full integration with IAR J-Link
  • Complete upgrade path available from IAR Systems

IAR PowerPac™ for ARM (evaluation version)
IAR PowerPac is a fully-featured real-time operating system (RTOS) combined with a high performance file system. It supports ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E, ARM10E, ARM11, SecurCore, Cortex M3, and XScale devices. IAR PowerPac is tightly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench and comes with sample projects and board support packages for ARM devices from different manufacturers.

The evaluation edition IAR PowerPac includes RTOS, File System, TCP/IP, USB Device, USB Host and GUI (graphical library) with the following limitations:
  • IAR PowerPac RTOS can either work without a time limit with a maximum of three tasks or create more than three tasks and work with a time limit of 15 minutes.
  • IAR PowerPac File System can handle max. one open file at any given time.
  • IAR PowerPac TCP/IP, USB Device and USB Host have a time limit of 15 minutes on the connection.
  • Source code for the libraries is not included. 
IAR visualSTATE® (evaluation version)

IAR visualSTATE is a UML-compliant graphical design environment for reactive systems, with advanced formal verification and validation tools as well as a very powerful code generator.

IAR visualSTATE represents any complex reactive system with UML state machines. The use of state machine diagrams is exceptionally beneficial for control logic oriented applications such as monitoring, metering and control applications where reliability, size and deterministic execution are the main criteria, which makes visualSTATE the ideal design tool for ARM-based projects.

The evaluation edition of IAR visualSTATE is fully functional, but designs are limited to at most 20 states.

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